About Mixovery

The web is packed with video and audio recordings of dj sets, live sets and concerts. On every platform with a commenting system we see a lot of users discussing and trying to discover the original tracklist played by the artist. “Track ID anyone?” has become a well-know mantra to anyone browsing the Boiler Room YouTube channel or Soundcloud. In some cases comments are closed and that interaction among users is even not possible.

In the time of Shazam there are certain rare tracks that is not possible to scope and djs know that those almost unknown tracks are the ones that make the difference in a set. That’s where Mixovery and the real music-geeks come in.

With Mixovery we want to provide a platform where we bring together all those discussions and comments that are dispersed on many different platforms. Mixovery is the place where you can ask what a track ID is and you can add a new dj mix if you want get help from other users to discover the tracklist. Mixovery is a crowd sourcing platform and all the information collected are available to everybody interested.

Using Mixovery is quite simple. You can add a new dj mix filling this very simple form or you can browse the list of mixes with an incomplete tracklist and help discover the missing tracks: just write in the comments, our editors will take care of filling the definitive tracklist.

Have fun!


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