The Black Madonna dj set at Mixmag Live Brighton 2016

Time Title Artists Label Down
00:00 Untitled (Frank Booker, Down In The Basement Volume 3, Side A) Frank Booker

Down In The Basement

03:30 Music Floorplan


08:35 A Change Is Gonna Come Paul Johnson

Relief Records

11:08 Somewhere Else Crackazat

Local Talk

15:00 At Once Hammer

Optimo Music

19:40 Jolly Joker (Supermayer Remix) Alter Ego

Klang Elektronik

24:03 ? ?


27:16 Thousand Finger Housebeat DJ Pierre
Rio Lathario Lee

Jack Trax Records

31:40 ? ?


35:18 Disco Circus (Talker Dub Edit) Martin Circus


36:50 Watch Out ! (Vocal) Doctor's Cat

Il Discotto Productions

41:15 ? ?


44:20 Juno Disco Patchworks

EDR Records

48:18 ? ?


58:30 Inferno Sound Stream

Sound Stream

63:39 No Big Thang Paul Johnson

Relief Records

67:10 ? ?


73:34 Iron Lungs Ploy


76:26 In Yer Face (Bicep Acid Dub) Bicep

Feel My Bicep

79:15 Problèmes D’Amour (Ah Ou Ah Version) Alexander Robotnick


85:50 Shades Of Spunky Alkalino


89:15 Monday Morning Sunshine (Sunrise Dub) Hifi Sean


92:55 Melting Pot Booker T & The MG's


98:50 Super Lover Unknown Artist

Disco Boogie Classics

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40 responses to “The Black Madonna dj set at Mixmag Live Brighton 2016

    1. thanks angel do you have nay idea about the label and when was this released?

  1. 48:48 The Art Of Noise – Beatbox
    53:40 Din Daa Daa – George Kranz
    81:50 Jago – I’m Going To Go (Instrumental Plant Mix)

    1. Not quite sure if the Dance Ritual Dub is the right version… could it be the Dance Ritual Dub Inst?

  2. Many thanks Julien and Eddie for track ID. The track at 100 (disco boogie classics) is Rena Scott-Super Lover-RCA Records (1979) maybe a remix?

  3. 00:00 Frank Booker – Down In The Basement Vol.3 Side A
    03:30 Floorplan – Music
    08:35 Paul Johnson – A Change Is Gonna Come
    11:08 Crackazat – Somewhere Else
    19:40 Alter Ego – Jolly Joker (Supermayer Remix)
    27:16 Thousand finger housebeat – Dj Pierre
    48:48 The Art Of Noise – Beatbox
    75:30 Ploy – Iron Lungs
    79:50 Alexander Robotnick – Problèmes D’Amour (Ah Ou Ah Version)
    90:20 Hifi Sean Ft. Jean Honeymoon – Monday morning sunshine (Sunrise Dub)
    93:30 Booker T. & the MG’s – Melting Pot
    100:00 disco boogie classics – super lover




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