DJ Eclipse & Bobbito – WKCR 5/22/97 (Part One)

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One response to “DJ Eclipse & Bobbito – WKCR 5/22/97 (Part One)

  1. Talk with Bobbito
    Poor Righteous Teachers – Easy Star (Dub)
    Common – I Used to Love H.E.R.
    Juggaknots – Clear Blue Skies
    Organized Konfusion – Black Sunday
    Freestyle Fellowship – Inner City Boundaries
    Kool G Rap – Streets of New York
    Kurious – Leave Ya Wit’ This
    Main Source – Watch Roger Do His Thing
    Kool G Rap – Road to the Riches
    Run-DMC – Son of Byford
    Run-DMC – Proud to Be Black
    Latee – No Tricks
    Organized Konfusion – Open Your Eyes
    De La Soul – This Is a Recording 4 Livin’ in a Fulltime Era
    Run-DMC – Pause
    EPMD – You Had Too Much to Drink
    3rd Bass – No Master Plan, No Master Race
    Main Source – Peace Is Not the Word to Play Remix
    Eric B & Rakim – Teach the Children
    Chuck D – No
    Pop Da Brown Hornet – Black on Black Crime
    Saukrates – Hate Runs Deep ft. Marvel
    Boogie Down Productions – World Peace
    Ill-Advised – Through the Eye
    Scienz of Life – Powers of Nine Ether
    L-Fudge – ’97 Stretch & Bobbito Promo
    Aiello Wilson – 80 Proof Rhymes
    MF DOOM – Hey!
    Mass Influence – Life to the MC
    Da Enfatry – Lyrical Logic
    The Jungle Brothers – Black Woman
    Eric B & Rakim – In the Ghetto
    Boogie Down Productions – Say No Brother (Crack Attack Don’t Do It)



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