Palms Trax at Dekmantel Festival 2016

Time Title Artists Label Down
00:00 Hell Or Heaven (Extended Mix) L.U.P.O.

Low Spirit Recordings

05:02 La Puerta Del Sol (Island Mix) Sueño Latino


07:52 We Got Luv (Rotciv ‘Outta Sight’ Remix) Hard Ton

Friends With Benefits Records

11:15 Don’t Stop (Let It Go) Dego & The 2000Black Family


15:50 45:33 (Padded Cell Remix) LCD Soundsystem


19:00 Kahn Mark E


23:20 I’m Every Woman Chaka Khan

Warner Bros. Records

28:00 Closer Project Pablo

Sounds Of Beaubien Ouest

33:50 Deep Inside (Of You) (Touch And Go) Shafty


36:30 I Never Knew Love (MK Club Mix) Chez Damier


39:43 Fade II Black Kings Of Tomorrow

Yoshitoshi Recordings

45:20 Brooklyn (Where I Live) Kerri Chandler

Bombay Records

48:05 Everything… (S-Tone Mix) Montego Bay

Calypso Records

52:50 Put Your Hands To The Sky Spellband

Irma Dancefloor

57:00 Straight From The Heart (Joey Negro Straight To The Groove Mix) Loose Change

Z Records

62:12 Go Get The Money DJ Vas

EDR Records

67:24 Let No Man Put Asunder (Bicep edit) First Choice


70:50 A Track For O.J. Simpson (The Acquittal) Terrence Parker

!K7 Records

73:38 The Eye Tattoo A Night With Dick

Max Trax

77:50 ? ?


82:50 Clock Beats Cratebug

Bug Records (CHGO)

85:20 Music Sounds Better With You Stardust


90:35 Afrika Osborne

Spectral Sound

92:40 No Possible (Joystick Jay Vulgar Distractions Edit) Joystick Jay

Disco Delicious

99:30 Ashewo Ara Kabbala

Red Flame

104:46 On My Way (Longer Version) Kerri Chandler

King Street Sounds

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8 responses to “Palms Trax at Dekmantel Festival 2016

    1. It sounded like he was mixing it with the original (but I wasn’t sure bout that)

  1. The Fela Kuti track is No Possible (Joystick Jays Vulgar Distractions Edit), and its Cratebug – Clock Beats not the original

  2. From Soundcloud comments! A few still missing

    00:00 Lupo – Hell Or Heaven (Extended Mix)
    05:02 Sueno Latino – La Puerta Del Sol (Island Mix)
    07:52 Hard Ton – We Got Luv (Rotciv Outta Sight Remix)
    11:15 Dego & The 2000 Black Family – Don’t Stop (Let It Go)
    15:50 LCD Soundsystem – 45:33 (Padded Cell Remix)
    19:00 Mark E – Kahn
    23:20 Chaka Khan – I’m Every Woman …
    28:00 Project Pablo – Closer
    33:50 Shafty – Deep Inside (Of You Touch And Go)
    36:30 Chez Damier – I Never Knew Love (MK Club Mix)
    39:43 Kings Of Tomorrow – Fade II Black
    45:20 Kerri Chandler (feat. E-Man) – Brooklyn (Where I Live) …
    48:05 Montego Bay – Everything (S-Tone Mix)
    52:50 Spellband – Put Your Hands To The Sky
    57:00 Loose Change – Straight From The Heart (Joey Negro Straight To The Groove Mix)
    62:12 DJ Vas – Go Get The Money
    67:24 ?
    70:50 Terrence Parker – A Track For O.J. Simpson (The Acquittal Remix)
    73:38 ?
    77:50 ?
    82:50 Disco Terrorist – Clock The Beat
    85:20 Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You
    90:35 Osborne – Afrika
    92:40 Fela Kuti – Ain’t No Possible (Chris Deepak Bro Remix)
    99:30 Kabbala – Ashewo Ara
    104:46 Kerri Chandler – On My Way (Longer Version)




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