Solomun Boiler Room DJ Set Tulum 2015

Time Title Artists Label Down
00:00 Our House International Pony


02:00 Atlas World (Solomun’s Day Remix) Liu Bei


08:00 Gamma Night Talk


13:00 Monday Fur Coat

Balance Music

19:00 Metronome FreakMe
Stan Ritch


24:00 Sorry I Am Late Kollektiv Turmstrasse

Diynamic Music

29:00 New Dorp. New York SBTRKT

Young Turks

33:00 Club Soda Thomas Bangalter


37:00 Say Goodbye (LoSoul “She’s Homeless” Mix) Khan
Julee Cruise


42:00 Fayall Alix Alvarez

These Days

49:00 My Train Veerus & Maxie Devine

Le Club Records

54:00 Tout Va Bien Matthias Meyer


59:00 Moonraker (Accapella) Foremost Poets

Junior London

62:00 Timeless Jairo Catelo

Darkroom Dubs

68:00 Movement Of Whale (Original Mix) SevenDoors

Diynamic Music

74:00 Lady B’s Lullaby Jozif


76:00 Lost (Club Mix) Simion


80:00 Something We All Adore Solomun


86:00 Baby (Clock Opera Remix) The Phenomenal Handclap Band


91:00 Hikikomori (Oskar Offermann Remix) Zola Jesus


95:00 Tobacco Ties The Martians

Red Planet

102:00 Oldschool, Baby (Piano Mix) WestBam

Low Spirit Recordings

107:00 Horny (Radio Slave And Thomas Gandey Just 17 Mix) Mousse T.

Peppermint Jam

114:00 Hoping (Matthew Herbert’s High Dub) Louie Austen


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4 responses to “Solomun Boiler Room DJ Set Tulum 2015

  1. Here is the tracklist as reported on YouTube

    0:00 International Pony – Our House (Solumin Intro)
    2:00 Liu Bei – Atlas World (Solomun Day Mix)
    8:00 Night Talk – Gamma 
    13:00 Fur Coat – Monday
    19:00 FreakMe & Stan Ritch – Metronome
    24:00 Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Sorry, I’m Late
    29:00 SBTRKT feat. Ezra Koenig – New Dorp. New York (Solomun Edit)
    33:00 Thomas Bangalter – Club Soda
    37:00 Khan feat. Julee Cruise – Say Goodbye (LoSoul She’s Homeless Mix)
    42:00 Alix Alvarez – Fayall 
    49:00 Veerus & Maxie Devine – My Train
    54:00 Matthias Meyer – Tout Va Bien w/ Foremost Poets – Moonraker (Acappella)
    1:02:00 Jairo Catelo – Timeless
    1:08:00 SevenDoors – Movement Of Whale
    1:14:00 Jozif – Lady B’s Lullaby 
    1:16:00 Simion feat. Roland Clark – Lost 
    1:20:00 Solomun – Something We All Adore (Solomun Love Song Mix)
    1:26:00 The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Baby (Clock Opera Remix)
    1:31:00 Zola Jesus – Hikikomori (Oskar Offermann Remix)
    1:35:00 The Martians – Tobacco Ties 
    1:42:00 WestBam & Nena – Oldschool Baby (Piano Mix) 
    1:47:00 Mousse T & Hot ‘N’ Juicy ‎ feat. Inaya Day – Horny (Radio Slave & Thomas Gandey Just 17 Mix) 
    1:54:00 Louie Austen – Hoping (Herbert High Dub)




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