Sway & Tech – Wake Up Show (Old School Special) 12/28/98

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One response to “Sway & Tech – Wake Up Show (Old School Special) 12/28/98

  1. Talk Break
    The Honey Drippers – Impeach the President
    The Emotions – Blind Alley
    Grover Washington Jr. – Mister Magic
    The JB’s – Blow Your Head
    The Incredible Bongo Band – Apache
    Funkadelic – I Know…
    Lou Donaldson – Pot Belly
    Mountain – Long Red
    The Meters – Clap Your Hands
    Seven Minutes of Funk
    Juice – Catch a Groove
    The JB’s – Pass the Peas
    James Brown – Blind Man Can See It
    Funk Inc. – Kool Is Back
    Jackie Robinson – P***y Footer
    Stanley Turrentine – Sister Sanctified
    The JB’s – Food For Funk
    James Brown – The Boss
    James Brown – The Big Payback
    Lonnie Liston Smith – Expansions
    Herman Kelly – Dance to the Drummer’s Beat
    Pump Me Up
    God Made Me Funky
    Phone Calls
    Castor Bunch – It’s Just Begun
    Kraftwerk – Trans-Europe Express
    Phone Calls
    Afrika Bambaataa – Mega Mix
    Talk Break
    Malcolm McLaren – Hobo Scratch
    Man Parrish – Boogie Down Bronx
    Phone Calls
    T La Rock & DJ Jazzy Jay – It’s Yours
    T La Rock – Breakdown
    Mantronix – Bassline
    45 King – The 900 Number
    The 45 King – The King Is Here
    Chill Rob G – Court Is Now In Session
    Queen Latifah – Wrath of Madness (Instrumental)
    Run DMC – Sucker MC’s
    Run DMC – King of Rock
    Run DMC – Peter Piper (Instrumental)
    Run DMC – Jam Master Jay (Instemental)
    Run DMC – Beats to the Rhyme (Instrumental)
    Phone Calls
    Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – It’s a Demo
    MC Shan – The Bridge
    MC Shan – Marley’s Scratch
    Big Daddy Kane ft Biz Markie – Rhymin’ Wit Biz
    Biz Markie – Pickin’ Boogers
    Biz Markie – Make Your Music Makes Your Mouth
    Craig G – Droppin’ Science
    Big Daddy Kane – Ain’t No Half Steppin’
    Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Road to the Riches
    Masta Ace – Music Man
    MC Shan – I Pioneered This
    LL Cool J – Jinglin’ Baby (Remix)
    Intelligent Hoodlum – Black and Proud
    Big Daddy Kane – Raw
    Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Poison
    LL Cool J – Rock the Bells
    LL Cool J – Rock the Bells (OG Version)
    LL Cool J – I Need a Beat
    LL Cool J – Jack the Ripper
    Beastie Boys – Paul Revere



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